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Old Company Plate Serving Spoon

This unique and stylish spoon is sure to make your food service team look great - especially when in need of something to use on the go! C00nvenient for business, this spoon is an essential piece of kitchen equipment - perfect for busy restaurants who want to make sure their food is cooked perfectly every time.

Old Company Plate Serving Spoon Walmart

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Old Company Plate Serving Spoon Amazon

This vintage old company plate slotted serving spoon with aengraved f engraving is perfect for any cookout or counter top kitchen. From there to use as an access cover for a pot or pan, this spoon will add a touch of luxury to your area. this vintage old company plate serving spoon is in great condition with no any wear. It has a simple rose pattern on the sides with the company name "old company" in between the 2 leaves. The handle is white goldsi with a inscription " from old company ". The spoons are brand new and have your company name on the front. This is a great product for any old company need! this set of two vintage company plate serving spoon with e engraved design is a great addition to your kitchenette. It is good for such as yourself as it comes complete with 2 spoons. this old company plate serving spoon has a rose vegetable serving spoon in the center. The plate has the company's name and logo in monogram, the spoon is old country style, and has a few signs of wear and tear. The spoon is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or damage.